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Five years is wood, right?

That’s right folks! As you may have seen in our newsletter, GTTP is FIVE YEARS OLD this month!!!!!

And, in celebration of this milestone, we’ll be having a whole bunch of events throughout the season, including shows (of course) – speaking of which, have you bought your tickets for The Sandman’s Coming? (I may have mentioned – they’re on sale now) – workshops (we’re planning two workshops – improv and audition skills – for October and several throughout the rest of the season – stay tuned for details), cabarets – we’re ironing out the details of a storytelling cabaret that will be happening during the run of The Sandman’s Coming (tickets on sale now) that we hope you will join us for – seminars (we’re currently putting together a seminar for early career directors – details to follow) and parties - at the very least we’re planning an anniversary celebration that should coincide nicely with the winter holidays – so we hope you will stay tuned…but, that is actually not what this post is about. This post is brought to you by the number 5 because this post is about our 5 year anniversary or our 5th birthday or however you want to look at it, this post about us having made it, in an over-satureated, theater town, to our 5th season!!! A milestone we would not have seen if it weren’t for all of you out there!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your continued support. And, since this post is about a specific number, I thought I’d give it to you by the numbers – 10 to be exact – so here you go…

1 – as in – ONE DREAM that refused (and continues to refuse) to die. For me the dream of directing was so powerful that it started us all on this journey. It’s been a weird and wonderful trip so far – a dream trip, one might say, and I hope we’re just at the beginning…

2 – as in – the number of novels GTTP has adapted into stage productions (Dreamers of the Day, and Jane Austen’s Persuasion) – see our Past Productions page and previous blog posts for details on these amazing and exhilerating shows.

3 – as in – the third novel GTTP will adapt for the stage after we premiere our adaptation of Ann Napolitano’s Within Arm’s Reach, in late winter/early spring of 2014. I know, I know you’ve been hearing about this for over a year but it is now OFFICIALLY on the calendar, people! It is on the calendar and the script is halfway completed. We’re currently deciding on a performance venue and we are aiming for a late February/early March production run. Stay tuned for details.

4 – as in – the number of times GTTP has performed at The Secret Theatre. One of our all time favorite performance spaces, The Secret Theatre is consistently bringing new and innovative productions to their little corner of Long Island City – not so secret anymore. We hope to be back at our unofficial home in the spring, but in the meantime, if you’re looking for quality indy professional theater in Queens, check them out and take in a show.

5 – as in – we’re five years old, y’all!!!! Haven’t you been reading this post?

6 – as in – the number of theater women (who haven’t worked directly with GTTP and aren’t Tahitians per se but that) I have connected with thanks to/because of my work with GTTP. Connections I would not have made if GTTP didn’t exist – women I can’t imagine not having in my life. They include – Jane Dubin, producer - ANN, Peter and the Starcatcher and unFRAMED; Patricia Klausner, producer – Pippin; Caroline Rothstein, writer, performer and producer, http://bodyempowerment.tumblr.com/Bailie Slevin, a former theater professional who is now on a mission to bring fiscal health and education to the entertainment community – a mission she pursues through her company Entertaining FinanceMelanie Jones, writer, performer, dancer and producer – Endureand; last but not least Jake Lipman, actor, director, producer and founder of Tongue in Cheek Theater who will be doing a performance of How I Learned to Drive at the other Shetler Studios Theater during our run of The Sandman’s Coming. These women have been incredible – helpful, motivating, supportive, and generally wonderful people I’ve been honored to share the female theater community with. I hope that they are only the beginning of this circle of incredible theater women that GTTP has entered into.

7 – as in – the number of different aviatrices (the aviatrix is what we call our logo), our incomparable graphic designer, Christine Diaz, has designed to individually accompany each production (we don’t have one for Dreamers of the Day or the first In the Ebb  as we sadly hadn’t yet discovered the awesomeness that is Christine at the time we were doing those shows). When she came on board, she branded GTTP and continues to design all of our beautiful production art. To see all of the aviatrices, check out our About Us page.

8 – as in – the number of productions presented by GTTP since we opened our doors (curtains) - In the Ebb, by Camilla Ammirati, Dreamers of the Day, adapted from the novel by Mary Doria Russell, Skin Flesh Bone, by Camilla Ammirati, Full Disclosure, by Ruth McKee, Cat Lady without a Cat, by Carrie Keskinen, Jane Austen’s Persuasion, adapted for the stage by Laura Bultman, In the Ebb (Redux), by Camilla Ammirati and Bella’s Dream by Dana Boll. More details on each (except for Bella’s Dream because I haven’t had a chance to upload the pictures but will hopefully do it soon) can be found on our Past Productions page.

9 – as in – the number of productions we will have under our belts when The Sandman’s Coming opens on October 24th. Did I mention? Tickets are on sale now.

Which brings me to: 

10 – as in – years – our next big milestone – that, with your help, we’ll reach in another five.

Thanks for getting us here! We hope you’ll continue to join us on this extraordinary, exciting, incredible journey!

See you at the thater!!!!

The Hazards of the Life of A Producer…

This is a pretty good illustration of my last few weeks. This past week, in particular, was a kind of crazy week on the island of Tahiti (made crazier by my day job helping babies be born but that’s another story that you can see details of here).

I think the best illustration of the insanity is the sheer number of projects/plays I have running through my head right now (some will not have titles because I haven’t made official announcements but you’ll still get the picture):

1) Full Disclosure – as you may have seen, I wrapped up Full Disclosure this past week by sending out the last of the RocketHub rewards. Although it didn’t require me to actually keep the show in my head, it is a project that I couldn’t put to bed until last week. (Speaking of which, if you are supposed to receive a RocketHub reward and you haven’t yet, please let me know. I sent out emails to settle the rewards but I didn’t hear back from everyone who was owed something and it’s very important to me that those rewards get fulfilled.)

2) Skin Flesh Bone – Did my taxes last week so there was discussion of both Full Disclosure and Skin Flesh Bone in the settling of the year end budget. But that too is now put to bed.

3) Cat Lady Without A Cat – as you all know, I am co-producing 3 performances of Carrie Keskinen’s Cat Lady Without A Cat. Tickets available here. Join us March 9th at 8pm or March 10th at 2pm or 7pm. It’s a fun show that’s still in development so the talkbacks we have after each show will give all of you an opportunity to give your feedback on what’s working and what’s not in the show. (see – you get to be more than just the audience, you get to be a part of the development of a show!)

4) Persuasion – Although the show is a bit of a ways off, I’m currently on the hunt for a performance space. No, no, no, don’t worry. There is no rift between Tahiti and The Secret Theatre. In fact our relationship is stronger than ever (see item 5). It’s just that The Big Theatre (the site of last year’s Skin Flesh Bone) at The Secret Theatre is booked for all of June with their own exciting projects and so it looks like for Persuasion we might have to temporarily relocate. :( Bummer, BUT, I am currently asearching. I saw a great space last week (part of my crazy week) and I’m currently running the numbers to see if we can book it. I’ll keep everyone posted.

5) The Day Job by Julia Blauvelt – This is the one-act that I’m directing for The Secret Theatre’s One Act Festival – The One Act Factor, which opens mid-March. Another contribution to last week’s craziness were the two rehearsals I had with my terrific cast and the one production meeting.

6) Fringe Festival Show – As I mentioned last week, I applied for the New York Fringe Festival this year. In order to apply I needed to put together a budget and a plan for what that show would be – which meant poring over a bunch of scripts and deciding what GTTP could reasonably put together within the time frame (should we get accepted, that is). I’m psyched for what we chose but it’s been another show cluttering my head.

7) The Fall/Winter show – This one is one that I’m very excited about and VERY close to signing an agreement for, but until papers are signed I can’t reveal what it is. That being said, the budget and the begining directing/producing have already begun so that I could apply for grants.

8 ) The Gala – I know, I know, it’s not a show, but for it to be the kind of Gala I want, it’s definitely a production. So, although it runs along similar lines as Persuasion, (Jane Austen themed event and all) it does have a different slant then the play and so, requires a different set of skills entirely.

9) 3 plays for a New Play Festival – I agreed to be a reader for a new play festival. So, on top of the other stuff I was doing last week, I read and evaluated 3 plays. It’s been a bit hectic, but I did turn in my evaluations! Yay…but yeah, those shows have been circling my brain as well.

10) unFRAMED – This is a terrific one-man show by poet, playwright and artist Iyaba Ibo Mandingo, that I’m interning on. It has it’s next showing at The InterAct Theatre in Philadelphia March 30th-April 1st (actually it’s next showing is at Sing Sing Correctional Facility but I’m pretty sure that one’s not open to the public). If you happen to be in Philly the last weekend in March or if you find another opportunity to see it, I highly recommend it. Details on the show’s booking schedule can be found here.

Yeah, I think that’s it, but seriously that’s 10 different projects zipping around in my head, (as Eddie Izzard would say, “[10 shows] in one head? No one can live at that speed” and that doesn’t even begin to cover the business stuff. The business stuff is always on my mind – budgets, marketing, audience growth, five year plan, strategic planning, but this week it’s been the artistic stuff – character, set, prop, sound effects, lighting, etc – circling like crazy…Oh, and the podcast. We recorded Carrie Keskinen’s podcast on Friday. It should be posted in the next day or so. Basically, I’ve become that person. That person who responds to the simple question, “how are things?” with something resembling the following:

“Oh, great. Busy, but great. I mean just this week I was at  rehearsals, a production meeting, a theater tour, a seminar on theater business, a podcast recording, a show that I was judging for The NY Innovative Theater Awards, and 2 births (day job). Not to mention the hours I sat in front of my computer trying to get folks out to see GTTP’s next show (It’s called Cat Lady Without A Cat and tickets are available here). Oh, and I totally have to finish a grant application. And, did I mention that I’m looking for in-kind donations for my Gala? Did I tell you I’m organizing a gala?…Oh, how are you?” Really I think the person who asked me the question was just making small talk but my head is spinning and I can’t seem to just answer, “fine. How are things with you?” Really, right now the only thing I can guarantee at any given time is that of all of the tasks I set for myself at the beginning of each day there will be at least 3 major things I haven’t accomplished by the end of the day. Not the least of which is catch up on like 3 episodes of Justified. I’m missing my shows, people! That is the level of dedication I have to my art. I’m missing enjoying the art that other people have put out there for me.

The Party’s Over…for now…

So, as many of you already know, SKIN FLESH BONE has closed…

We had a wonderful run at the Secret Theatre and look forward to whatever new and exciting projects the future holds for GTTP.

There’s a lot of stuff brewing at Tahiti headquarters so keep checking back here or sign up for the RSS feed to get notified of new posts and new announcements from Going to Tahiti.

Last Performance of SKIN FLESH BONE, tonight!!!

For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, tonight is your last chance to see this exciting new show from Going to Tahiti Productions. Join us in Long Island City (a 15 minute subway ride from Midtown) at 8pm. Tickets are available at the box office door. For more details, check out: http://goingtotahitiproductions.com/skin-flesh-bone/

See you tonight at the show!!!!

Sad news for the SKIN FLESH BONE family…

Last weekend, Laura Bultman, our beloved Stage Manager, suddenly lost her grandmother. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Laura as she heads to Guatemala for the funeral. Laura is such an instrumental force in Going to Tahiti Productions and her absence for these few performances will be acutely felt. I will do my best to perform her duties in her absence, but know I can’t come close to filling her shoes. I apologize in advance for missed or late light and sound cues and want it known that they are my mistakes and not hers.

Travel safe, Laura! We love you and look forward to your return!

“It’s better than SPIDERMAN!”

SKIN FLESH BONE has opened and the audiences loves it. One attendee saw SPIDERMAN THE MUSICAL the night before and preferred the characters, the script, the performances, the set, the sound design, and the costumes of SFB to that other little show that recently opened in this big bad town.

Laurel Lockhart in a scene from SKIN FLESH BONE











SFB Performances continue through June 25th. For details go to: http://goingtotahitiproductions.com/skin-flesh-bone/




or by calling Ovationtix at 866-811-4111.

David Eiduks* and Maria Silverman* in a scene from SKIN FLESH BONE

Performances are:

Thursday, 6/16 at 8pm

Friday, 6/17 at 8pm

Saturday, 6/18 at 2pm

Saturday, 6/18 at 8pm

Sunday, 6/19 at 2pm

Sunday, 6/19 at 8pm

Tuesday, 6/21 at 8pm

Wednesday, 6/22 at 8pm

Thursday, 6/23 at 8pm

Friday, 6/24 at 8pm

Saturday, 6/25 at 8pm


Kiwi Callahan and Gavin Alexander Hammon in a scene from SKIN FLESH BONE





It’s time to play the music…It’s time to light the lights…

The set is up, the lights are on, the sound cues are loaded and the actors are ready to go! That must mean it’s opening night. Join us tonight at the Secret Theatre for opening night of SKIN FLESH BONE.

As a special bonus, immediately after the performance tonight there will be a talkback with members of the cast and crew.

For details and tickets click herehttp://goingtotahitiproductions.com/skin-flesh-bone/

LOAD IN!!!!!

In about an hour, we will start the SKIN FLESH BONE Load In. We’ll be bringing all of our stuff in to The Secret and we’ll start construction of the sets. Today we’ll spend the day getting settled into the place that will be our home for the next two weeks. It should be a busy few days of set construction, sound engineering, lighting the stage, costume prepping, set painting and general tech madness. I remember tech week for high school drama club being insanity. It’s no less insane at the professional level but it definitely seems to have shortened. Now, instead of a full week of hell week, we get a hell four days. It should be quite the experience. And, really, seeing as hell week is one of the reasons we all do this theater thing, can you really call it hell week? Perhaps it should be renamed to “Incredibly Stressful But You Know We Love It” Week.

Anyway, time to put on my paintin’ pants – let the tech insanity BEGIN!

ROCKETHUB Campaign comes to an end.

So the ROCKETHUB Campaign has ended. :( But don’t feel that means you can’t still support GTTP and SKIN FLESH BONE. If you didn’t get a chance to support us on ROCKETHUB but would still like to donate, just click the DONATE tab above for directions on how to contribute to Going to Tahiti Productions. And, to everyone who has contributed already:



Although we didn’t quite make our goal, it was still an incredibly successful campaign. Raising several thousand dollars in a month’s time is no small feat and we REALLY APPRECIATE everyone who joined our little SKIN FLESH BONE family. We hope you enjoyed the little behind the scenes updates on the RH blog and hope you will make it to The Secret Theatre, starting WEDNESDAY, for the 12 performance run of SKIN FLESH BONE!!! For everyone who donated, we will be contacting you shortly with details about your rewards. Thank you again.

With your support GTTP will continue to bring you exciting and innovative independent theater!

Lots of Updates on ROCKETHUB

Check out our ROCKETHUB site: http://rockethub.com/projects/1589-skin-flesh-bone for lots of updates. We’ve got the trailer up on the site and guest blog entries from new people every day this week. Take a look and while you’re there, feel free to become a fueler!



So, we did a little video preview for SKIN FLESH BONE. Check it out here:


And, while you’re there feel free to become a fueler!

ONLY 9 DAYS LEFT for us to hit our goal and for you to get in on the behind the scenes SKIN FLESH BONE action!!!

The show is blocked…

So, on Friday we finished blocking the show. Granted it’s just a first pass and everything I’m sure will change during the next week and a half of scene work, but at least we have a rough framwork on which to build the show and the actors have rough blocking they can use when memorizing (which I’m thinking they spent some time doing during this 3 day weekend). Tomorrow we dive in with scene work though the first two hours of rehearsal will be dedicated to recording voiceovers for the show and shooting elements of a trailer we’re putting together. That’s right, you heard me, we’re putting together a little trailer! Yeah, I love me some previews. But again, as is my tendency, I digress – as soon as those things are done, we’ll be up to our ears in scene work. My favorite part. :)