What’s In A Name

Uncle Johnny's Bookstore

The question most often asked about GTTP is “what does the name mean?”

When Jessica was a little girl, her Uncle Johnny, who lived in California most of his life, would come visit her on the east coast. He was a funky, cool uncle, an artist who loved books and plays and movies. Uncle Johnny owned a used bookstore in Santa Rosa, CA, and even from 3000 miles away he supported and nurtured Jessica’s love of the arts. Whenever he would come for a visit, Jessica and her sisters would stand in a line on Grandma’s red, flower-printed, plastic-covered couch, waiting for him to burst through the door, scoop them up one at a time, and fly them through

The business card for the bookstore.

the house in his arms. (They barely let him put down his suitcase).

During these fantastical airplane rides Uncle Johnny would describe the sights they were flying past: the cities lit up in the night, or the sunlight glinting off the ocean’s whitecaps (time and space did not conform to the laws of physics during these rides, and Uncle Johnny controlled both). And, during every ride he would announce, “we’re going to Tahiti!” – always Tahiti – palm trees and beaches and a world of possibilities around every corner.

When Uncle Johnny passed away in 2006, Jessica wanted to find a way to

A sign Uncle Johnny painted and had in the front window of his store.

honor his memory. What she hopes to create with Going to Tahiti Productions are experiences that inspire the same excitement and joy that Uncle Johnny inspired in her. When the curtain opens and the stage lights come up, she wants the audience to feel the thrill of a 7, 8, 9 year old girl, soaring through the living room, and believing that anything is possible. Everyone at GTTP hopes that this company, devoted to free artistic expression – not to mention really good theater – helps the audience experience that thrill of turning the corner and believing, if only for a second, that Tahiti will be there.

…And we hope you’ll join us on our next flight!