Comfort Measures:

Going to Tahiti Productions presents a podcast that looks at the media we consume and the food we eat when we are seeking comfort:

Episode 6: ALIAS, Season 1, Episode 1 – “Truth Be Told”

In our sixth episode, Jessica takes a deep dive into a black and white cookie and the pilot episode of the JJ Abrams spy show, ALIAS.

Episode 5: BULL DURHAM

In episode five Jessica’s romance novelist sister, Jen Doyle, joins her for a discussion of the baseball movie classic, BULL DURHAM while they munch on the baseball food classic, Cracker Jacks.


In episode four Jessica pairs “your favorite” pizza with the 1993 movie, SEARCHING FOR BOBBY FISCHER, for a discussion of chess, competition, fathers, and a stuffed moose with a French name.


In episode three, GTTP Collaborator and FARM STORY writer/co-producer Terri Viani joins Jessica for some cast-iron-baked-sourdough-bread (with Kerrygold butter) and a discussion of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s classic novel LITTLE HOUSE IN THE BIG WOODS.

Episode 2: SPORTS NIGHT, Season 1, Episode 2 – “The Apology”

In our second episode, Jessica is joined by singer/songwriter Miss Lynn – Lynn Hickernell to eat apple cider discounts and discuss the second episode of Aaron Sorkin’s masterpiece SPORTS NIGHT.


In our first official episode we take a deep dive into THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, while munching on one of the truly perfect movie comfort foods – popcorn!

Episode 0: Introduction

An introduction to the Comfort Measures Podcast.

Our first foray into the podcasting world, Going to Tahiti Dispatches was a podcast about theater life with episodes about the production process (featuring different GTTP collaborators and friends.) All of the episodes can be found below:

Tahiti Dispatches was a monthly podcast devoted to interviews with theater artists who jive with GTTP’s mission. The podcasts offered a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the GTTP world.


Episode 6 – Cast and Adaptor of Jane Austen’s Persuasion – June/July, 2012

Tahiti Dispatches – Episode 6 – June/July

Extras – June/July, 2012

More about some personal tidbits about the cast

Tahiti Dispatches – Extra – Unusual Personal Tidbits

Episode 5 – Endure creator and star, Melanie Jones - April/May, 2012

Tahiti Dispatches – Episode 5 – April/May

Extras – April/May, 2012

More about Grants

Tahiti Dispatches – Extra -Grants

More about the NY Starving Artist Vibe

Tahiti Dispatches – Extra – Starving Artist Vibe

More about Permits

Tahiti Dispatches – Extra – Permits

More about The Female Artist Thing

Tahiti Dispatches – Extra – Female Artist

More about Evaluating Success

Tahiti Diapatches – Extra – Evaluating Success


Episode 4 – Cat Lady Without A Cat star Carrie Keskinen – March, 2012

Tahiti Dispatches – Episode 4 – March

Extras – March, 2012

More about Cruise Ship Work

Tahiti Dispatches – Extra – Cruise Ship

More about Being on Tour

Tahiti Dispatches – Extra – Being on Tour

Episode 3 – Actor/Choreographer Dana Boll – Jan./Feb., 2012

Tahiti Dispatches – Episode 3 – January/February

Extra – January/February, 2012

More about Movement Subtleties

Tahiti Dispatches – Extra – Movement Subtleties

Episode 2 – Full Disclosure star Kiwi Callahan – December, 2011

Tahiti Dispatches – Episode 2

Extras – December 2011

More about Improv

Tahiti Dispatches – Extra – Improv

More about Mixed Martial Arts

Tahiti Dispatches – Extra – Mixed Martial Arts

Episode 1 – Welcome to GTTP – November, 2011

Tahiti Dispatches – Episode 1

Extras – November, 2011

More about Uncle Johnny

Tahiti Dispatches – Extra – Uncle Johnny

More about Adaptations

Tahiti Dispatches – Extra – Adaptations

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