Physics From My Father

GTTP is currently in (very pre) pre-production on a new original play written by GTTP Founder and Artistic Director, Jessica Ammirati.

Untethered from time, a woman grapples with key events from her life, shaped by the teachings of her professor father (and with a little help from an enigmatic physicist from the past).

You can read more about the project here.



written by GTTP favorite, Camilla Ammirati

GTTP is deep in post-production for a new short film, THE ESCAPE: After years of struggle (and failure) in the arts, opera singer, Eliza, contemplates hanging it up. With the help of her stalwart friend Kenny, and while all manner of strangers (including a parasol-wielding peddler, a canine worshiping fanatic, a (possibly mute) dog, and a daily-newspaper devotee) look on, Eliza has one last chance to create something of perfect beauty – to catch a sliver of moonlight in a box.

Stay tuned for more updates about THE ESCAPE…


GTTP has a podcast!

Comfort Measures is currently on hiatus but you can get all previous episodes here or on the Podcasts page above!