proudly takes its first step into Web-Television Production with:


written by Terri Coduri Viani

directed by Jessica Ammirati


Mired in debt and other middle-class disasters, an emotionally moth-eaten NYC writer (Sam), her unemployed husband (Andy), and his disabled brother (Kyle) head for supposedly greener pastures in picturesque small-town Station Stop, Virginia but upon arrival learn that Andy’s teaching job at a private school has fallen through, and the trio instead find themselves living on a old farm in the rural hamlet of Chicken. In Chicken, they rent from Lyle, a generous, secretly-urbane gay farmer, and his partner Kelley, a traveling nurse and Atlanta transplant. Andy gets a job teaching inmates at the local prison. Kyle falls in love with mail-lady Molly, and Sam shares their adventures via her new blog, Tastes Like Chicken, while continuing her mental/emotional search for a place to call home.


Our mission is to bring the locally-grown movement to TV by creating authentic, engaging, high-quality television on the local level for a national audience. Farm Story will film for 10 days this September in NYC and Staunton, VA. An hour long pilot in the old model of television, the first episode of Farm Story will be released on the internet late fall/early winter of 2014. Farm Story is the old model for new media. And, as much as possible we’re making Farm Story locally-grown, independent, grass-roots television. With new technologies being what they are, there’s no reason that television needs to only come out of the Hollywood system. Why can’t a small community build a quality television show for a national audience? We believe they can and we’re setting out to do it.

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