ROCKETHUB Campaign comes to an end.

So the ROCKETHUB Campaign has ended. :( But don’t feel that means you can’t still support GTTP and SKIN FLESH BONE. If you didn’t get a chance to support us on ROCKETHUB but would still like to donate, just click the DONATE tab above for directions on how to contribute to Going to Tahiti Productions. And, to everyone who has contributed already:



Although we didn’t quite make our goal, it was still an incredibly successful campaign. Raising several thousand dollars in a month’s time is no small feat and we REALLY APPRECIATE everyone who joined our little SKIN FLESH BONE family. We hope you enjoyed the little behind the scenes updates on the RH blog and hope you will make it to The Secret Theatre, starting WEDNESDAY, for the 12 performance run of SKIN FLESH BONE!!! For everyone who donated, we will be contacting you shortly with details about your rewards. Thank you again.

With your support GTTP will continue to bring you exciting and innovative independent theater!