We Have A Cast!!!

So the show has been cast and we have officially begun rehearsals!!!!

The full cast assembled today for the first time and we had our first Read Through. It went very well…though we didn’t actually get through the whole script – clearly someone is going to need to cut another 20 pages…BUT, the reading went great!!! It was so exciting to hear Mary’s beautiful words coming out of the mouths of actors instead of out of my mouth talking to my reflection in a mirror and trying to figure out if this show is going to work. Having heard actual actors, and really talented ones at that, actually start to play around with the characters and bring something of themselves to the show…it was thrilling…it was, it is- what I live for and, I can tell you now, this show is going to work…and this was only the first day!!! I can’t wait to see what happens when we really start to play with the script, with movement, with tech and design elements. I’m hoping to post some cast info – headshots and bios on the website soon. Keep an eye out for updates. AND, I promise, I will try to update the blog regularly throughout this rehearsal process, but for now, I’m hitting the hay.