One Week Down…

First week of rehearsals has come to an end. It’s been a great week of table work. We’ll probably continue more of the same for another couple of days and then we’re on to the blocking. Of course, before blocking can begin in earnest we’ll need a set design. It looks like we may have found a designer though, so the chances of actually having a set design are looking up.

In the meantime, our RocketHub campaign continues. Be sure to stop on by our page and get in on the behind the scenes action. Join the SKIN FLESH BONE family here:

On another note, for anyone who didn’t see it on our main page, tickets for SKIN FLESH BONE are now on sale. You can get tickets here:, on our home page, or on our events calendar page.

Postcards are being designed and printed even as we speak and the marketing blitz is about to begin!