Only a couple of days until opening night!!!

It dawned on me yesterday, while Kiwi and I were in the middle of rehearsal that FULL DISCLOSURE opensĀ  in less than a week!!! Wow, seriously? Where does the time go?!?! It’s been such an interesting process working on a one person show. In some ways it’s exactly like every other show that I’ve directed: we have rehearsals, we decide on blocking, we find the characters, and that I’ve produced: I hustle to raise the money, market the show, get butts in the seats… but in other ways it couldn’t be more different.

For one thing, with this show, because of it’s set up as an actual open house, in this play we don’t have a stage manager. We don’t have a lighting designer. We don’t have a sound designer. We DON’T WANT it to feel like the audience is at a theater so we’ve been focusing on things to make it feel like a home. So for most of the time it’s just been Kiwi and me. Because it’s just been the two of us we’ve rehearsed in a home – namely mine. Now, yes, partially we did this to save the money on rehearsal space rental but also, as the director, I wanted throughout rehearsal for Kiwi to feel like she was in an actual home so that when we get to a performance space (that though it doesn’t feel like a Broadway theater still doesn’t quite feel like the living room of a 3 bedroom house in Westchester either), she would have the sense memory of being in an actual living room. Also, because it’s a home, our breaks are more about sitting around the kitchen island eating the homemade pb&j’s we’ve made rather than actors scurrying to grab coffee, run lines, and check voicemail while director/producers scurry off to pee, grab a drink and check voicemail. It’s taken some adjusting. Then again, there’s something really wonderful about waking up, sending some email and then wandering out to my living room to prep for Kiwi’s arrival and our rehearsal. I have no idea how I’ll readjust to a regular rehearsal with a stage manager and a bunch of actors when we gear up for Persuasion next year. (Laura, don’t be concerned if I show up to the first few rehearsals in my slippers and pjs). If only my living room was big enough to rehearse with a full cast.

All that being said, I can’t wait for folks to see this show. Kiwi is fantastic. She makes Sunny such a loveable character. Your heart really opens up to Sunny as she desperately attempts to sell you this house. It will be fun to settle into our new home for the next two weeks (the POCO space at The Secret Theatre) tomorrow. Turning that room into the living room of this Westchester house will be a nice change of pace and actually opening the doors to the audience on Tuesday night (and for the following 12 nights and afternoons) will be an absolute blast. Tomorrow we have an invited dress rehearsal for company members and, for the first time in 4 weeks, Kiwi and I will get to see how an audience reacts to all that work we’ve been doing in my living room. I can’t wait.

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