Ok, so regular posts will now happen on Mondays!

Yeah, after missing my self-imposed deadline for blog updates last week and almost missing it this week, (and who are we kidding this barely even counts as an update. It’s not at all up to my standard of fun, witty, interesting and theatrical posts. I mean it’s really just an administrative post to say I’m going to do this differently in the future, AND, it’s STILL only on time by 11 minutes), I have decided to push my “blog update deadline” to Mondays (by 11:59pm). So, starting tomorrow, expect blog updates once a week…posted on,wait for it, Mondays! Ta Da! It’s all part of the plan.

Seriously…what was I thinking picking Sunday nights in the first place? I clearly was not thinking at all. Growing up, I used to HATE Sunday nights. The weekend was over, school started the next day. I used to perpetually get a stomach ache on Sunday nights…Come to think of it, that continued well into adulthood. I don’t think that actually stopped until I got off of the regular 9-5 job carousel. Once I went freelance, my Sunday night stomach aches were a thing of the past, so clearly, Sunday night deadlines = bad for Jessica…WHAT was I thinking indeed?!